Multi-Layer Chip Ferrite Beads

multi-layer chip ferrite bead

GEI’s CB Series multi-layer chip ferrite bead inductors

A ferrite bead inductor is a passive electric component that suppresses or filters high frequency noise in electronic circuits. Ferrite beads are also known as chokes, EMI filters, blocks, cores, or rings. In addition to the the standard CB series, GEI can design ferrite beads to any specifications.


♦ Designed for EMI and noise filtration
♦ Monolithic structure for closed magnetic path and high reliability
♦ Rated current from 100mA to 800mA
♦ Impedance range from <5Ω to 2000Ω
♦ Operating and storage temperature range: -55°C to 125°C
♦ Standard EIA/EIAJ chip sizes 0402/1005, 0603/1608, 0805/2012, 1206/3216, 1210/3225, 1806/4516, and 1812/4532
♦ Superior termination bonding strength
♦ Excellent solder leach and high heat resistance
♦ Suitable for both wave and reflow soldering processes
♦ High reliability
♦ RoHS compliant


Audio players, communication equipment, digital cameras, disk players (Blu-ray, CD, DVD), high-speed signal lines, laptop computers, personal computers, power supplies, remote control units, sensitive electronic instruments, smartphones, tablet computers, televisions and monitors, USB ports, video game consoles, and many other small/portable electronic devices.


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