GHS-EI Series

GHS-EI Series


1. Low power loss and high energy efficiency.
2. High Bs with lower temperatures.
3. Higher and wider frequency range.
4. Precise voltage and lower inductance leakage.
5. Compliance with EN60950, EN60065, EN61558, and EN61558.


Communication equipment, cameras, small electronics, automotive, household electronics, and much more.

Standard Models

GHS-EI13, GHS-EI16, GHS-EI20, GHS-EI22, GHS-EI25, GHS-EI28, GHS-EI30, GHS-EI32, GHS-EI35, GHS-EI40, GHS-EI42, and GHS-EI50


GEI Components can provide custom transformers according to any customer’s needs while still supplying high quality at a competitive price. To request a quote or further information, please see the Contact page.