Shown below are just a few of GEI Components’ standard HCRHND Series SMT power inductors. To request a quote or further information, please see the Contact page.

HCRHND Power Choke Series
HCRHND Power Choke Series
High stability with high current saturation
Good frequency characteristics
Easy installation
Small orders accepted


HCRHND Weld Iron Series
HCRHND Weld Iron Series
Low profile, low cost, high performance / Available on tape or reel
Robust temperature deflection to prevent damage during reflow soldering
Available shielded or unshielded
High energy storage with low resistance; ideal for DC-DC converters and PDAs
Available in six series with inductance ratings; will handle currents up to 10 A
Custom designs available to meet any exact requirements
Packaging: 1800 mm embossed tape, 1,000 pieces per reel
HCRHND Weld Iron Series reel