HTB Series

HTB Series

HTB Series


High-frequency, low loss, large current, low resistance

Core: ferrite

Wire: enameled copper

Base: HY-B025

Pin: CP wire

Magnetic resin shielded construction reduces buzz noise to ultra-low levels

Metallization of ferrite core results in excellent shock resistance and damage-free durability

Closed magnetic circuit design reduces leakage flux and electromagnetic interference (EMI)

30% higher current rating than conventional inductors of equal size

Takes up less PC board space and saves more power


LED lighting, next-generation mobile devices with multi-functions such as adding a television and/or digital movie cameras, high-definition televisions, blue-ray disc recorders, set top boxes, notebooks, desktop computers, severs, graphics cards, portable gaming devices, personal navigation systems,persona multimedia devices, automotive systems, telecommunications base stations, and much more.