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Welcome to the all-new website for GEI Components! Contained within our new site is a much wider array of our industry leading magnetics products, all of which come with U.S.-based customer service! GEI Components has been a partner with customers large and small and assisting them with all their transformer and inductor needs for over 17 years.

With our new website, GEI Components is especially proud to present our revamped line of high voltage spark transformers at prices that are the most competitive in the field. Even with all of the other new items and web design, everything presented here is only a small fraction of what GEI Components has to offer. In addition, we are always ready with all the assistance required to meet any custom needs.

Please, use the menu at the top of each page to explore GEI Components’ many magnetics lines. Then, please contact us so we can show you why we give the best service in North America.